Tanker Containers Build Instructions

Step 1 

Note: There two different art options for you to choose from (piece c1 or c3). The other is extra.

  1. Gently roll piece c1 or c3 to fold all scores on the piece.
  2. Fold over ¼ of the way over (as shown with the red color) and affix a piece of tape to the non-scored side.
  3. Fold the other end ¼ of the (shown with the green color) and press onto the tape to form the tank surround.

Step 2 

  1. The piece can now be popped open to form a pretty cool tube shape. Neat!

Step 3 

  1. Glue and clamp pieces as shown to create the bottom plate.

Step 4 

  1. Fold, glue, and clamp as shown to create the end plate. You’ll do this twice.
  2. Make sure that piece c2 is aligned as close to center as possible as the tank surround from step 2 will seat into this piece. 

Note: the little “Ark of the Covenant” pieces on the top of a6 can be fiddly. Use care, and if your name is Marion don’t look!!

Step 5 

Take the previously assembled and glued pieces, as well as the new pieces shown, and assemble as shown.

Note: use glue on all points of contact.

Step 6

  1. Glue and affix pieces as shown. (The circle inset in the image shows the back side of the fuel car)

Note: There are variety of pieces a1, and a2 with alternate artwork for you to choose from. There will be extras.

Step 7 

  1. Fold, glue, and clamp as shown to create the bottom container rails.

Step 8 

  1. Glue the short rail pieces first, onto the bottom of the container assembly.

Step 9 

  1. Glue the longer rails as shown.

You’ve Finished a Tanker Container

Time to move on to another set!