Guard Tower add-on Build Instructions

Step 1

  1. Fold, glue, and clamp pieces as shown.
  2. Glue both d4 pieces to each side of piece d1 as shown making sure that the d4 pieces are aligned to the top edge of piece d1.
  3. Attach piece d2 and d3 to the d1 assembly to create a stanchion.

Step 2 

  1. Fold, glue, and clamp all pieces as shown.
  2. Glue pieces d6 and d7 together and then glue to d5 to create the platform sub-assembly.

Step 3 

  1. Fold and glue c1 to c3 as shown.

Step 4 

  1. Fold, glue, and clamp pieces c5 and c6 as shown.
  2. Glue pieces c5 and c6 to top of structure as shown.
  3. Fold and glue pieces c2 and c4 to sides of structure as shown to create cover.

Step 5 

  1. Fold pieces c8 and c9 as shown.
  2. Glue pieces together as shown to create a ladder.

Step 6

  1. Fold, glue, and clamp piece c14 as shown.
  2. Glue and attach pieces c12 and c13 to create a ladder stand.

Note: These are for miniatures to stand on. They have notches to adjust for ladder pitch and can be moved throughout play to give your game a more accurate line of sight when using ladders.

Step 7

  1. Glue the platform sub-assembly to the stanchion.
  2. The cover and ladder slot into place without glue.
  3. Repeat steps 1-6 once more to create the second guard tower.

NOTE: Do not glue the cover and ladder pieces to the platform. They are meant to break down for easy storage.

You’ve Finished The Guard Tower Add-on

Time to move on to another set!